Are your emotions taking over your life?

Are you having...Racing thoughts, sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, loss of focus?

Is your mood interfering with your work? Your relationships?

Do you want to find a way out?

Let me guide you.


Join me in my office or arrange a phone, Skype or FaceTime session. Appointments for individuals and couples are available to guide you toward emotional balance and health.
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Special Groups and Teleclasses are offered regularly at various times and locations…even from the convenience of your own home. See our current programs that will open new paths for you.
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Dynamic workshops are provided for your small group or business to help build team productivity, workplace balance, and individual fulfilment. These energetic workshops will inspire your audience.
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I will help you discover these emotions, learn to manage them, and find a way back to a healthy self. The result is a shift in emotion, mood, attitude, and behavior. This will help every aspect of your life – especially the way you feel about yourself. Change is possible, now is the time.