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  • Cupid Psyche

    Cupid Painted Blind

    Will Shakespeare knew a thing or two about emotional intelligence and perhaps a bit about Cognitive Behavior Therapy. “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”.  Pretty powerful stuff going on in the 16th century.  I believe he was saying that what we …

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  • HobbitHouse

    Whistle While You Work

    The tender Snow White possessed clear optimism in her efforts to motivate those seven dwarfs.  She used “soft skills” very effectively.  Before they finished whistling their tune, her team had completed their task. What are these “soft skills” that businesses and industry are adopting for …

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  • Sunset Bulb

    Turn On The Light

    I can recall times as a young girl, at night when a sound from outside, or a creak of my door would send my mind racing with notions of a “boogie man”.  I’d call for my mother, she’d come into my room, and I would …

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  • EmotionsSwirl1

    Emotional Rescue

    As I read the lyrics of the infamous Mick Jagger, Keith Richards hit song, I am struck by the image of a “knight in shining armor riding across the desert on a fine Arab charger”. The Rolling Stones would come to your emotional rescue. But …

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