What makes LMW counseling different?

We offer a variety of communication methods and strategies to accommodate your goals. Working with individuals, couples and groups, modalities are customized for your needs.

Individual Sessions

When we change how we THINK, we affect how we FEEL, how we treat others, and how we communicate. I will take you through a process of self-discovery to understand your thinking patterns and how this influences your mood and behaviors.┬áThis will help improve every relationship in your life – especially the relationship you have with yourself. You will become a better partner, parent, worker; a better YOU.

In-Office Individual Sessions
Individual Telehealth or Phone Sessions


Personalized guidance and problem-solving for a deeper relationship

Our relationships can take over our lives. We lose ourselves in them, and in the process we tend to lose parts of ourselves. We lose our voice, we lose our values, our personal integrity. The emotions are overwhelming and can sabotage our ability to communicate. My work with you as your relationship guide is to help you discover the core beliefs that drive your emotions, communication patterns and the way you relate to others. You will bring a richer self to your relationships, helping those relationships become more balanced and full.

Pre-Marital Counseling

LMW Counseling Provides:

Thorough and individualized appraisal of your relationship.
Personalized exploration, guidance, and education on the essential parts of a successful relationship.
Therapeutic counseling provided by a licensed professional.

Groups and Businesses

Your small group or business can promote Team Building, Communications, Stress Management, and Workforce Productivity through these training areas:

Emotional Intelligence for the Professional Environment
Essential Skills for Emotional Health